One Site at a Time...

Big Head Business Solutions has been helping businesses with their web and media needs for over 10 years now. We have had the pleasure of helping all kinds of businesses.  We actually got our start helping a large local sporting goods store begin their online presence in about 2002.  After a few years, we realized we had software that would work very nicely for other websites and began to offer it to other businesses.

We have done many different kinds of store fronts and have used our software as well for very simple sites that server as a great place for our clients to brag.  We like to call those sites, business card sites.  Very simple to put up and give you the crediblity you want on the web.  Of course because it's hooked to our CMS, those little sites can grow as much as you like.

Recently, we have done sites for companies that are selling classified ads, a ski resorts, a sound studios and even a new directory for one client that allows them to list ski resorts in it. The variety of sites we have done, continues to grow with each new wesbite we do.

To the left you'll see we rotate in a few of our favorites,   Feel free to email us if you'd like more examples of what we can do for you.  There really aren't any limits to what we can accomplish.

 Looking for somewhere to host?  We have loved the guys a Gear Host.  They are always on the ball.

BigHead Business Solutions

BigHead Business Solutions

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